How many movers do I need?

How many movers do I need

If you happen to be asking yourself, “How many movers should I hire?”, then you must have already solved the classical dilemma of whether to move by yourself or hire movers. Breathe a sigh of relief now, for sometimes the solution of that notorious pre-move dilemma can prove to be rather tricky for some people.

And now that you’ve made up your mind to go with the pros, you can concentrate on figuring out the exact amount of professional assistance you will need. And to do just that, you will “only” have to answer a few more questions, and voila – you’ll know that right answer to the How many movers I need to hire puzzle.

How many movers do I need?

The decision of how many professional helpers to hire (2, 3, or more) for your local or cross country move will depend primarily on a number of variable factors, such as:

How many friends will come to your rescue

This is a big question, no doubt about it. Follow the 3 major rules of asking your pals for moving assistance:

Be considerate towards the busy schedules of your pals by giving them plenty of notice (if possible), Tell them honestly what is expected of them if they say Yes without tricking them into helping you, and Don’t be quick to judge your friends if they cannot or won’t help you out.

After you’ve reached out to your good friends and made rough calculations of the number of non-professional helpers who have committed to give you a help during that nerve-wracking period, it’s time to see where you stand.

Moving Day Tips

How much stuff you have for moving

This factor will play a major role in your decision about how many movers you should hire. The very first task ahead of you is to get rid of anything you won’t be taking with you – anything ranging from old pieces of furniture to worn out clothes and too many items that have become simply useless with time. After the must-do home inventory, you can start getting a better idea of the amount of things you have for moving, and more importantly – how many movers to hire for the relocation job.

Studio apartment: On average, the things found in studio apartment weigh around 1800-2000 pounds.

1-bedroom apartment: The stuff in 1-bedroom apartments weigh roughly 2500-3500 pounds.

2-bedroom home: The items in 2-bedroom apartments or houses usually weigh between 5000 lbs. and 600 lbs.

3-bedroom residence: 3-bedroom homes can go up to 9,000 pounds, or even more.

How many special items you have for moving

Even if your upcoming move is pretty straightforward, a single special item for moving can turn things around and force you to hire more than 2 professional movers for the job. A piano is the classical example here, but the list includes also a pool table, a large safe, a hot tub, big electric appliances (a fridge, a washing machine, a dishwasher, etc.), and of course – any piece of furniture that is too large, too heavy, too awkward to carry, and too expensive/valuable.

Moving Day

As a rule of thumb, any household item that weighs more than 400 lbs., such as a piano, for example, requires 3 or 4-man crew with sufficient experience and expertise.

How many movers should I hire for my move?

Here’s something that you do know because it is nothing but common sense knowledge – the more professional movers you hire, the faster they will get the job done. Ok, that statement may not always be true, but let’s assume for that moment that it is so. But even if your utmost desire is to have the move completed in record quick time, it’s the price you will have to take into consideration as well.

So, more movers will mean less time, but more movers will also mean more money. Ultimately, you will have to strike a reasonable balance between time and money to stay within the happy medium of moving house. Will hiring 2 movers for 4 hours cost less than 3 movers for 3 hours? You may be surprised when glancing at the bottom line, so do consider all of your moving options, plus their variations, before you go ahead and book your move.

To help you get a rough idea of how many movers you need, have a look at the following table with average values of number of movers and amount of time:

 Size of moving job     Loading Only     Unloading Only     Loading + Unloading
 Studio /small apartment/     2 movers / 2 hours     2 movers / 2 hours     2 movers / 4 hours

2 or 3 bedroom apartment
/800-1200 square feet/     2 movers / 3 hours     2 movers / 2 hours     2 movers / 5 hours

2 or 3 bedroom house
/1000-1500 square feet/     3 movers / 4 hours     3 movers / 3 hours     3 movers / 7 hours

3 or 4 bedroom house
/1500-200 square feet/     4 movers / 4 hours     4 movers / 3 hours     4 movers / 8 hours

4+ bedroom house
/2000-3000 square feet/     4 movers / 5 hours     4 movers / 4 hours     4 movers / 10 hours

How many hours do movers work?

After you’ve figured out approximately how many movers to hire for the job, you’ll find it very useful to know how many hours you will need the movers for.

How many hours do you need movers for? The table above will give you average time estimates for your hired workers depending on the size of your home and the household items in it, but here’s what else you need to know to get a much better idea of the time factor when moving house:

For local moves, going with an hourly rate is almost always the better option than choosing a flat rate.

The recommended practice is to hire a larger crew size in order to keep the amount of hours as low as possible. Paying for 3 movers is often a great option because one of them will be able to prepare the items for moving while the other two helpers will be able to carry the packed boxes and pieces of furniture to the moving vehicle.

The drive time from Point A (the home you’re leaving) to Point B (your new home) will be included in the local movers’ price. For move distance of 10-40 miles, expect around 30 minutes, for distance of 40-75 miles the time will be roughly 1-2 hours depending on the traffic, and for moving distance of 75-100 miles, the travel time will be between 2 and 3 hours.

Keep in mind that sometimes the carry distance to the moving truck will come into play too. If the moving vehicle is parked at a distance of under 20 feet to the main entrance of your place, then you shouldn’t worry about the lost time as it will not be calculated. For a carry distance of 20-50 feet, be sure to include between 30 minutes and 1 hour extra for the entire move. However, if the moving truck is parked more than 50 feet from your front door, then you should expect 1-2 hours added to your overtime move time.

You don’t think stairs matter on Moving day? Think again. For each flight of stairs, you should add roughly 1 hour of extra time. Ouch!

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